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The film festival wouldn’t be possible without the incredible generosity of our sponsors. Contact us to learn more about opportunities to connect with our audience and support our mission.

Sponsor Categories ​

Diamond Star ($10,000)

Platinum Star ($5,000)
Gold Star ($2,500)

Silver Star ($1,000)

* Increase your visibility in the LGBTQ+ community

* Show your support for a
demographic with disposable income

* Support Shreveport's growing culture of film

* Celebrate Shreveport's growing diversity and rising creative class

* Be part of an agressive marketing strategy

* Be part of raising Shreveport's national profile:  "Shreveport is not what we--the imperial we who live on one of the coasts--think it is, and it took a queer film festival for me to realize this."-- Huffington Post

Rising Star ($500)

Shooting Star ($250)

PACE Sparkler ($100)

Sparkler ($100)


* Network with members of the LGBTQ+ community in the ArkLaTex

* Mix and mingle with filmmakers and celebrities

* Promote a venue for celebrating the LGBTQ+ community

* Support positive LGBTQ+ roles on the "big screen"

"A film festival is a perfect venue. It's about art and expression as well as visibility and identity. It achieves political ends without being political itself. And, unlike most political events, it's a good night out..."

- Bruce Vilanch in an editorial about our festival in the Huffington Post

** Sponsors can only reserve up to 4 tickets for a single film screening.

*** To qualify as a PACE Sparkler you must currently be a PACE member in good standing and continue to be in good standing through the duration of the film festival.

Become a Sponsor

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